Members may open tickets in their back office to contact any one of our customer service representatives. Non members may email our gmail account at hyipinvestigators7@gmail.com and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

Minimum Withdrawal - $1.00 (bitcoin equivalent)

Maximum Withdrawal - $5,000 (bitcoin equivalent)

Max 5 withdrawal request per week. We are human beings and can't constantly be doing withdrawals 24 hours a day. We manually payout to make sure that every account is getting the correct amount.

It is too easy to invest with us! You need only a Bitcoin e-wallet to make a deposit and to receive deposit payouts (we will be adding other crypto currencies in the near future). Making a deposit in our system is possible using the form of deposit registration.

Payouts are made only on working days from Monday to Friday, 10:00 am - 12:00 pm EST. You can google the World Clock to find out what times these are for you. Any withdrawal request made after 12:00 pm will be processed the next day except those made on Friday which will be processed on Monday.

Absolutely you can! You can make any number of deposits with the same e-wallet. Every new deposit will be serviced individually.

Minimum deposit is just the equivalent of $10 in bitcoin. The maximum deposit is $500,000. According to the unlimited number of deposits, total amount of deposits is also unlimited!

You can create free e-wallet BitCoin on https://blockchain.infoalthough, depending on your country, there may be a better option. A google search should assist greatly.

Unlike other platforms, we do not offer high and unrealistic interest rate. That is by choice. The market fluctuates, drastically even sometimes. The high rate of return means greater risk. No financial investment is protected against the risk by 100%, but we always fulfill our obligations to our users in a timely manner. We keep our customer database not only online but also offline. This format is virtually inaccessible to intruders to provide high security level. Using the online database only would expose our partners , you, at great risk.

We are human so we do need time with our families and also time for holidays which is why we payout specifically during certain times of the day. Your investment never stops working, however, and you are literally earning while you sleep. No matter if we fall sick or if we are vacationing, we are a team so you will always receive your earnings during our specified payout schedule.

Everybody can participate in the program. We give service to clients all over the world as long as you're 18 or older. If we find verifiable proof that someone has joined and is under the age of 18, their account will be blocked immediately.

We are going to broaden the crypto currencies we accept in the very near future but only accept Bitcoin now because this is the safest electronic currency on the Internet and has user-friendly interface for placing, transferring or withdrawing funds. We also only trade in crypto currency so it's impossible to accept any other currency.

No, while reinvestment is a plus, it is not mandatory.

Spam is not tolerated on our platform. If any member is caught spamming, they will have their account terminated.

Yes. Payouts are made during working days from Monday to Friday regardless of holidays.

We will inform you about updates and news services via email and / or on our forum.

Yes, once you've received your 2% or 10% for the day, depending on the plan,  and you have reached the minimum withdrawal threshold you can withdraw. You do not have to wait until the 12 or 90 days is finished. However, be reminded of our withdrawal days and times. You can request a withdrawal any time but they'll only be honored during the specified days and times.

Yes. Once you balance hits the minimum deposit threshold, you are welcome to reinvest using your balance.